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Jun 28, 2017

Figuring out God’s will for your life can be tricky. It can feel like trying to hold on to a slippery fish you just pulled out of the water. One minute you’re holding on to it and the next minute it slips right out of your hands. What’s a bro to do?

In this first episode of The Christian Bro Code Podcast we’ll tackle the question, “Figuring out God’s will for my life – is there a better way or should I just keep guessing?” To answer this question, we’ll look at 1 Samuel 3, when the prophet Samuel was just a little bro. Samuel did two things that put him in a place where he could hear God’s voice and know God’s will for his life. It’d be good to follow that bro’s example. – Check out my website. You can sign up for my mailing list. I promise from one bro to another – no spam, just notifications every time there’s a new podcast.

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