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Jul 10, 2017

For a Christian Bro nothing feels worse than the shame, guilt, and embarrassment of giving into temptation. You wish you could travel back in time and do things differently. You swear you’ll never let it happen again. But, how can you be so sure it won’t happen again? What you need is a plan to overcome temptation. You need to think of some actions you can take when facing temptation that will give you a better chance of overcoming your temptation.

In this episode I teach you 4 strategies for overcoming temptations:

  • Strategy #1: Avoid tempting situations (7:22)
  • Strategy #2: Be accountable to somebody who is mature and whom you trust (15:23)
  • Strategy #3: Have a plan before temptation arrives (23:16)
  • Strategy #4: Find your strength in God (30:54)

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