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Jun 3, 2019

Spiritually tired. If you don't feel it now chances are you have or will feel it at some point. It's possible that you know a Christian Bro who feels spiritually tired. What should you do if you feel spiritually tired?


In this episode I talk about a couple reasons Jesus shared that may explain why you're feeling spiritually tired. The remedy in both cases is that you give it a rest, bro! Find your rest in Jesus - and only in Jesus.


So whether it's you or someone you know who is starting to feel drained and spiritually tired, this episode should provide some encouragement to overcome that feeling and get you back to where Jesus wants you to be.


The Christian Bro Code podcast is all about helping you grow as a disciple of Jesus so that you can live, love and lead in a way that honors God.


For the purposes of this podcast, this is how I define a disciple of Jesus: "Someone whose greatest desire in life is to live LIKE Jesus and FOR Jesus."


I release a new episode the first Monday of every month. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.



You can find more teachings on The Christian Bro Code YouTube channel.


God bless, bro!