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Aug 7, 2017

Is it ok for a Christian Bro to judge others? The short answer - Yes. It’s ok for a Christian Bro to judge others - except when it’s not ok for a Christian Bro to judge others. Make sense?

I've heard it a bunch of times and I'm sure you've heard it a lot too. It goes something like this, "You can't judge me! Who are you to judge! Don't judge me! Only God can judge me!"

This type of response is what we use when someone starts pointing out something in our life that may be wrong. We use this type of response when somebody starts telling the truth about a certain area in our life, and it starts to make us feel a little uncomfortable. So we say something to give them the hint that we want them to stop. We know they're telling the truth, but it makes us feel uncomfortable so we use that kind of response to push them away a little bit.

And it works! Nobody wants to be labeled as a judgemental person. We're all afraid of being called judgmental. And so when somebody says something like that - people tend to back off immediately. 

And so here's the question I want to deal with in this episode of the Christian Bro Code Podcast. "Is it OK for a Christian Bro to judge others?" I’ll talk about two passage in the Bible that I think demonstrate clearly that when it comes to judging others, it’s ok; except when it’s not ok.