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Apr 1, 2019

I hope this episode challenges you. No, really. You have an incredible opportunity to be part of God's plan to solve all of humanity's problems. God has an assignment for you in His kingdom. That assignment will impact others, for sure. But, it will also make you feel crazy satisfied and full of purpose.

There's a catch, though. If you want to be part of God's master plan to heal humanity's brokenness, you have to give up your own agenda. Your life will have to be governed by the agenda of the Kingdom of God. Is it worth the trade-off? That's what you'll have to decide.

In this episode I focus on Acts 1:3-8. In this passage the disciples were ready to advance an agenda. The problem was that it wasn't the agenda of the Kingdom of God. Jesus had to guide them so that they could see the importance of living according to the agenda of the Kingdom of God. Hopefully, we'll be able to do the same.

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God bless, bro!