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Feb 26, 2018

Are you frustrated that God isn't blessing your family as much as you would like? Do you hear other bros talk about how God is blessing their family and wonder, "Why isn't that happening to my family?" Is there a secret you don't know about for having God bless your family?


Understand this - God is more than willing and ready to bless you and your family. So why isn't he doing it, then? The truth is that it's not God's fault. It's all on you, bro! There might be things in your home that are blocking the flow of God's blessing for your family. If that's the case, then guess what? It's time to clean house, Bro!


In this episode I look at the story of Obed-Edom, a Bro in the Bible who lived during the time of King David. This Bro did something crazy, but the result was that God blessed his family big-time! If you and I follow his crazy example, I'm sure God will bless our families, too.


God's blessing will show up in the form of a stronger marriage. God's blessing will result in a better relationship with your kids. It's a great privilege to have God's blessing on your family. But understand that it requires a significant commitment. Having God's blessing requires obedience to what God expects of you and your family. Everything about the way your household functions will have to change. For God's blessing to show up in your house, God's authority has to be in control over your house. It's a massive commitment, but the reward will be worth it.


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